Frequently asked questions
Here are some of the most asked questions.


Question: What is the best age to learn robotics?

Answer: Any age! Robotics is a mixture of many fields and you will learn quickly if you are interested in it.



Question: There are so many robotics kits available to purchase, how do I know which one will be the best?

Answer:This is always a difficult question. It all depends on;

  • The age of the student: How old is the student? and is there an age rating on the robotics kit? (ie. don't pick a kit for a 7 year old that is designed for a 14 year old).
  • Prior knowledge: Has the student done any robotics before? If so, then a basic beginners kit for that age group might be to easy.
  • Purpose of the kit: What do you want to build? If you want to build a lot of things then choose your kit accordingly.



Question: I want to teach robotics in my class at school but I don't know where to start. Can you help me?

Answer: Yes! Send me an email with your questions and we can start your journey into the robotics field



Question: Is robotics in the Australian curriculum?

Answer:Yes! "Digital Technologies" has become a big part of the Australian Curriculum. Contact me to find out how you can use robotics in your class.



Question: Robotics equipment can be expensive, is there cheaper alternative ways to learn?

Answer:Yes! There are many free programs out there to learn with. These are a great learning tool but they will not replace "hands on" equipment.


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